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Pricing Information

A Round of “Apaws”

Pricing is based on the different registration clubs & bloodlines, All of our dogs are bred and health tested the same way and none of them are any less important than the next. If breeding rights are NOT purchased at time of pickup we require a spay/neuter contract on all of our puppies. Please see our puppy contract page for contract details. Please see below for complete pricing details. Thank you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Our CKC registered beauties are not a lesser bloodline, just a different registry. They are perfect if you are not looking to show or service train. They are $700 without breeding rights and a spay/neuter contract or $900 with breeding rights.

Our AKC registered beauties are all pet, show, or service dog capable, and have the paperwork required to do those things. They are $800 limited {meaning no breeding rights} or $1,000 full {meaning with breeding rights} this price excludes pomskies.

Our gorgeous designer bred Arctic spitz puppies have everything our AKC registered dogs have but in a much smaller package. As these are technically a mixed breed dog (for now) they do not have registration papers but both parents do. We are currently working on getting AKC to recognize them as a breed but for now copies of parents documents can be provided. These beauties are specially bred to be a smaller replica of their larger husky ancestors, but keep the small stature of the pomeranian. They are $1,000 limited (no breeding rights) with spay/nueter contract or $1,200 full rights.

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