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The Husky Originated in Siberia.

This breed of dog came from Siberia hundreds of years ago, and belong to the spitz genetic family of dogs which have not been influenced by wolves. The name "esky" was a name given to describe Eskimo dogs.
THEY SAVED A TOWN When an aircraft couldn't fly through near blackout conditions to deliver medicine to the town of Nome, Alaska. In 1925 a team of sled dogs took charge; they covered over 600 miles to deliver medicine across the country and save lives. As with all decisions to get a family pet, do your research first and make sure you fully understand the nuances of each breed. It is not fair to bring home a pet just because they are beautiful, you need to be ready to give them everything they need to live a happy life. Obedience training is a big part of it. Do it right and you'll have a beautiful dog that's also a fantastic companion for the entire family.

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We are so pleased to announce that we have been named one of the top 50 Husky Breeders in America. This is a huge honor and we will strive everyday to live up to that honor. 

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Huskies For Homes

Siberian Husky rescue and hobby breeder.

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About Huskies For Homes

Here at Huskies for Homes we raise and rescue Siberian Huskies of all sizes, ages, colors and temperaments. Our hand raised beautiful quality puppies pay for the basic needs, and vet care of all of our furry rescued babies. We strive to breed the best quality Siberian Husky & Arctic Spitz (pomsky) puppies on the east coast, From our amazing designer bred Arctic Spitz (pomsky) puppies, our gorgeous Siberians, Huskies for homes keeps reasonable, affordable prices for high quality dogs that are capable of being your perfect companion, champion show dogs, service dogs and much more. This highly intelligent breed is not for everyone, but if you have done your research or have previous experience with this breed, then check us out we may have the perfect baby for you weather it's a beautiful new puppy or one of our gorgeous rescues we can help you find your perfect match.

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Get in touch to find out more about our rescue services, current/future puppies or to schedule a visit to come out and meet our pack. 

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